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Call for Submissions:(click to see specs)ECD's Only
  • We are calling for submissions of all your ECD Show videos and pictures. Being it your teacher in class with children, kids at lunch hour, kids at play, trips and other events...etc. Our plight is to showcase to others how we excell in this industry. Some of your submissions will be entered into our ECD Show battle where some of your ECD centres will scoop various prizes and goodies.

Articles Submissions(click to see specs)Preferably ECD Kids Content
  • A call for any child-affairs content writer to submit articles for publishing purposes. A platform to shine out to the world and unleash your writting career, for starters. Being it news about ECD's or opinion articles about children issues and interests. All who are interested in writting articles for The ECD Show can do so by mailing correspondance to :


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