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Work in context

Workers on one of their daily routines at Honeywax, Inc. in Braamfischerville - Johannesburg (South Africa) pic: R. J. Pitie
by:  Jeremia Pitie - Johannesburg, SA(HONX)
line edit:  Judith Nkwe - Johannesburg, SA(HONX)
tues, 07-May-2013, 2:20pm

Masses of people at work - in South Africa (in my own view, after observation) - still don't turn things around because they approach their workplaces with angry mindsets.

Looking at the kind of job you do, you need to have these four elements, if not branches/layers, (possibility can extend them to more than four, once eminent) :

  1. Work as an ENTERTAINMENT
  2. Work as ART
  3. Work as EDUCATION
  4. Work as a SKILL


a) ENTERTAINMENT - Looking and pushing at your job in a form of entertainment means you will enjoy every bit of it. You will like doing what one is doing. 'LIKE' doesn't come to us in a form of physical activeness but in a spiritual form. It means not forcing yourself; but giving your soul, mind and body to simmer and jell well with your job on their terms. As a result, you will get much pleasure and peace in your job. You will be able to draw ample insulin and madness with a whole entity and run wild with excitement. You will find it amusingly alluring, with butterflies in your stomach.

Do it careless, do it cautious, do it wrong, do it right and however, nobody will even snatch a moment to spoil your jolly mood. (It's kind of fun to do the impossible - Walt Disney)

However, in order to attain this more will need be evident as well, like office-setup changes and so forth (here I only touch elements of perceiving one's job in an emotionally growing attitude). As one other anonymous writer once mentioned 'if you are willing to do more than you are paid to do, eventually you will be paid to do more than you do.' By willing it means harmoniously.

Example can be gathered from Einstein when he enjoyed his craft like a man sitting LOL in a pub or like a child spoiling things for amusement to ultimately turn WOW.

b) ART - In this case, every each one of us has to care that jobs have their own artistry demands or expectations. As of every job, there are manners at which every individual goes about in doing things, improving with every measures of excellency. The natural witty applied on every each task given or undertaken differs among individuals. With or without high school rudimentary classes, we get by in our tasks. We excel in it simply because we are creative. (Even a security chap standing shush at a garment factory gate in exact same job and/or else has such a gift - Creativity) If at times we do our jobs in ways that we ourselves are finally fascinated, in lieu of others, we will contrive dimples on our cheeks and experiment a pleasure ripple across all people.

As a creative person you become a fountain and your wells will never run out of life.

This is the ground breaking element, where many have given us beauty and wonders of human creativity without even a high school class chair. It is while working at that job when you seemingly create a product of highest nature which no company boss wouldn't have ended up with if it was not because you. Or, one upgrade, improve and embellish on available items to escalate a world few or many steps ahead than ever thought. It is ART that helps every employee to want to keep his/her. With its curves and halts, tears and laughter, its bumps and/or peaks and peaks. Once artistic, you will get encouraged to wake up and go to work full of life.


Example can be drawn from Edison: 'Having to fail one thousand times taught me one thousand ways how to not do a light bulb'. - art.

c) EDUCATION - Believe you me, every task in every sphere of life has a learning curve. It took me only two weeks to learn how to design a website on my own at a comfort of my home and the rest of the complicated staff I will learn at work through trial and error. And I mean a complete colourful and attractive website, not just hypertext markup language(html). To many, three years at school and still come home with a mindset of 'it can't' or 'ain't no such' or 'it is impossible' or worse 'the law says'.

This means that education is not only accessed on a class 9B desk.

Sheet Music Plus Rock Sheet Music Plus Homepage Sheet Music Plus Teacher

Galileo Galilei once said: 'You can't teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself'. In fact, the most learned lesson is the one learned, at first, via self-taught or impose. Moreover, this happens while going about your job's daily task - on application. These are kinds of lessons that even a rudimentary college manual and the affable university lecturer can't contrive a hand at. They are lessons that will forever stick and ponder all your lifetime (as you wouldn't have crammed but solved equations on your own.). They are problem solubles. Lessons to be applied daily till tomb. Lessons that one regrets all his/her mighty life span if discarded. Work does indeed have learning punctures, gears and fuels, we need to embrace (so, drive the automobile).

Example can be drawn from Edison: (again I quote) 'Having to fail one thousand times taught me one thousand ways how to not do a light bulb'. - education at work.

d) SKILL - Skill is what many attain at the end when they have completed programs and lessons. It is a skill that can make one seem more intellectual than another on the same duty task at the same company with the same instruments. If one keeps whatever it is learned at work they go far a distance with it. Hence, many companies want experienced employees. It is skill that one draws from such a responsibility that converts one into a skillful personnel. e.g. two call centre agents can respond to an emergency call where ambulance is needed in urgency. Desk one manages to get the ambulance to the place of scene immediately while desk two spends five hours trying to convience the service to reach a place of incident. OR teller one at a bank explains to an old lady on kinds of account to open and end up messing the old lady's life; thus, pushing the old lady to quit that bank and go for another while teller two manages to keep the old lady within the bank books for life with a smile on the old lady's face and grow that bank's patronage.

It takes skill to achieve such results as desk one and teller two. Skill is adding one's natural witty and it is earned not learned. One cannot expect to come home with a skill after a hefty class lecture but instead earn it after a wonderful job done after attending to your call in an aptitude standard. Skill will always give value to everything a job demands and will also assist one in being self sufficient and not rely on decisions of one's seniors.

The definition of insanity is doing the same over and over and expecting different same result - Albert Einstein. This kind of behaviour will doubtlessly implicate on lack of skill and the lesser skillful you are the more likely you are to be unhappy, angry and pitiful at your job.

Skill helps you to understand how to 'attack and release' with your job. It is helpful in start and finish for good results. This is one element that exert a company in keeping an employee for longer with annual salary reviews. It is as genius as spontaneity because it isn't stagnant, yet it peaks up daily, monthly and yearly.

In the End: If you don't look, think, believe or perceive your job in these instances, chances are you may as well have chosen a far different place of work than one should have. Oft times, desperation results us into accepting unfulfilling work environment. So, now that you are stuck with that job all you need do is to start practicing these mindset of perception towards your job. Then, your job would never have to be a grossing pack of peaks and troughs as it ultimately will be your pride and blissful junctions.

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