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Charts! Charts! Chart.

"Symbols on the rail but no symbols chart on the wall. Why, teacher - if I may ask?" - R. J. Pitie
 Jerry Pitie, Caressness Magazine
tues, 06-May-2015, 5:07pm

Wall charts are more than just mere symbols of mural embellishments in a cr�che or any other kind of a centre for that matter. Most oftenly, some centres hang a chart or two just to make the environment look like a centre and yet their functions are to bare such meaning as of what they were hung on the wall for - in the first place.
Point of focus is dominantly on ECD centres here. Heads (rather principals) of many centres buy these charts along their journey shopping; as some of the charts are significantly ready-made and can't truly be drawn, plotted or simply sketched drastically as they are supposedly expected to look modest, for the sake of clarity when educating children in a class. However, not all ECD charts should be purchased along the street corners or stationery shops. There are those that a class teacher needs to sketch and not simple and drastically but detailed. The charts that really must speak the language of sophistication; so they must look neat and exquisite even if drawn handicapped. And then comes the third kind of charts. The ones that will never be possible to attain by the street corners or stationery shops. Charts that can't be sketched and drawn by a class teacher if our ECD centres are to assume prolificacy. Prepared and planned by a teacher or principal, these are kinds of charts done at a print house and are also accessible also via the internet as downloadable.


Follow are samples of these charts in their classifications to mention but two:

  1. Animals chart / Body parts Chart (Buy on streets and stationery shop)

  2. Birthday Chart / Weather charts (teacher drawn)

  3. Children's rights / Menu charts (printed at the time of need & a centre must-have)

It is not a hard core right out rule that a class teacher must always draw; if at times a teacher finds a drawing job a jiggle she/he can choose to take the second types of charts to the printers for bold and acuteness as well. It is only that a department of social development & department of education suggest strongly on a teacher's selfie as that improves understanding amongst teachers and their jobs. Coming into contact with a situation where a teacher had drawn symbols for kids without symbols chart showed me that some of our ECD educators know not when charts are needed, what kind and where or for what purpose. It is charts like the symbols' chart that create understanding amongst 'teacher-work' 'learner-lesson' situation. These are the roads that led to the social-development-department-of-education's insisting on the edu-road-maps (teacher-drawings). Teachers must learn the charts now and try to organise them and keep asking questions for assistance. Moreover, keep learning from others if they themselves struggle to be creative.

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