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Change is rarely adamant if for others.

"be-the-change-you-wish-to-see-in-the-world." - gandhi-quote
 Jerry Pitie, Caressness Magazine
tues, 04-Dec-2012, 7:07pm

Often women (few of the men, too - as females outdo males in numbers on this & can't differentiate between true loving tears & deceptive appeals) get lured back into relationships that kill them throughout their mighty life span by these translucid perverts who prowess 'change' in their languish-lipping talks.
Yes people do change; however, it is not for us that people change but for themselves. Should one perceive their change as of for another, then he/she(perceiver) will need to stick to the formulae even if he/she(another) who encouraged for a change goes wrong, some day. Changing for the sake of other is an obligation and not a conditional will. Obligations are to be kept in spite of who goes wrong and by what means.


Changing for another's sake is a vow taken (being it alone or together, a vow is a vow is a vow is a pledge). They should still continue keeping faith high as they changed for you. Changing for another is simile - and I liken it - to a man of GOD who still goes to pray even when GOD brings calamities in his life - because a plight carried is for another someone and not for yourself, he still continues to carry faith high in God.

Yet, many who do, divert off path once another has wronged them because change was not eminent. Try this...Next time you hear somebody saying "I've changed" compliment them & say "I pray you sustain change", walk away from such people in order to proof if they indeed have different selfs. Why I say 'selfs'? It is in nature's nature that humans would, in latitudes & altitudes of meetings and matings, initiate 'self' than what's beseeched of them by the environment of presence. Change happens to only those who perceive environmental prerequisites and are in will of upgrading flaws brought by environmental misappropriates versus 'self', as it is but such a peak on a mountain to alter one's natural 'self' into the suitabilities of such an environment, if without prior and positive perception. Proper perceptive approach of such situations do and can assist in one's alterations from 'self' to environmental belonging; thus, bring about 'CHANGE'.


People's attitudes are like portraits of selves painted from owners' perspectives (the inner portion coming out) - and they are conspicuous if you are watching them from a distance, like owner's countenance against a mirror. Painting 'change' pretentiously - than in its true form - in leu of 'self' is living on borrowed time, and 'self' shall timeously cohere and want to convolute perceptive environmental picturesque one tries to portray during moments of 'change', when faking stops to exist.
If 'change' only occurs as a result of convince from one to another, 'self' could surface in shadowy overcasts of spells to subsequently show if one has or has never changed. Thus, to believe that one has changed you need to stand a bit of a distance (can signify days-months-years) with scrutiny playing coach on your side and then you can see change if indeed change is visually evident on such a character as him/her. Change is like a water-balloon that will always float on the top of ocean water. Deflated or not, it will still float above see level.

(Change is the constant, the signal for rebirth, the egg of the phoenix - Christina Baldwin) Change shall always keep its keep if true; for, the owner would have found solace of comforts in 'changing' to whomever he/she chooses to become after that. The owner would have dealt away with the past and 'borne again'. Simply put, if change is acted upon for the sake of others (ulterior motives) 'self' will always get to harshly inter-act with it; and that shall signify failures, lies & deceitfulness in utterances of one's having to have sworn of change. Thus, if somebody changes inertly for others, chances that it is not genuine are huge.

Trying to change another is a steep hill climbed in roller skates. To ever persuade a person & get them hooked into the pragmatic act of change is one other huge achievement (you have to force pulling them on the valley up). However, their will of engaging into this is, as well, one pointer-to-note. None a people change without a will of change.
At least, half your involvement and half theirs should be counted, considerably from congruent and perpendicular to parallel, and worse in practicality. Yet, I still need to put emphasis on a fact that much accolades need be rewarded a person undergoing change than one invitingly trying to implement, for without their activeness and will it never would have occurred; if indeed evident. Moreover, they did it for themselves the better. So, you change because you are ready for it and not because of another someone.

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