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Let’s Protect a Child.

http://www.socdev.gpg.gov.za/Media/NewsArticles/Pages/default_.aspx - Nomfundo Lukwe
 Nomfundo Lukwe, socdev
fri, 17-July-2015

Orlando Children’s Home is a haven for some of Gauteng’s children who have been abandoned, neglected, orphaned, abused, infected or affected by the HIV virus.

In a recent visit to the home, the Director of the home, Miriam Mazibuko made a plea to the public asking them to help prevent abandonment of children.

This can be done through understanding the social service processes and procedures that are of concern to child care and protection.

“In my 42 years of experience I have observed that an abandon child never heals; they forever wonder and continue to look for their parents or their roots”, said Mazibuko.

She added that adults whom she has recently met with, who were abandoned as new born babies, have led to her to this conclusion.

It is their wish as a home to get the children into foster care but that has not been the case.

According to the Child Care and Protection Unit of the Gauteng Department for Social Development the process of child placement is multi-faceted because not all situations are handled using the same method. Some children are taken from abusive homes, some live in neglectful households, whilst others are abandoned.

As a Department, before taking a child away from their parent or home, we first need to empower the parent and only after all has failed does the Department get into the process of removing a child.

Intervention in all cases whether abandonment, abuse, or neglect must be guided by the Children’s Act No.38 Of 2005 and then taken to court where the decision of removal is made.

Placement of children in these homes is temporal while the social worker who is handling the case finds a permanent solution for the well-being of the child/children.

For more information on child care and protection click on the link below: http://www.socdev.gpg.gov.za/SocialWorkServices/Pages/Child-Care-and-Protection-.aspx

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